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Best things to do in Cancun for couples

Best things to do in Cancun for couples

Discover the best things to do in Cancun for couples. With its swaying palm trees, beautiful white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and many couples’ activities, Cancun in Mexico is one of the most romantic.

  • No other romantic travel destination can match Cancun for the varied experience it can offer.
  • Starting with pampering honeymoon resorts, white beaches, unlimited water sports, gorgeous marine life, amazing ruins and nightlife that stretches until 4am.
  • For an excellent romantic getaway in Cancun, you need to do three things: book your flights, book your hotel, and plan your itinerary. We will help you plan your romantic Cancun itinerary. Go ahead, get inspired by our checklist of the best things to do in Cancun for couples.
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Visit the best selfie spot in Cancun

What is the point of starting a romantic vacation in Cancun and not letting friends and family know?

 As a first step, you and your partner should head to kilometer 18 to find El Mirador, the best viewpoint in Cancun. This place overlooks the dolphin beach, which is very photographed and highly instagrammed.

Once you are done staring at the vastness that is Dolphin Beach, stop next to the CANCUN city sign and take as many couple photos as you want. Then choose from our recommended things to do in Cancun and make your vacation memorable.

Parasailing with your partner

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you and your partner could soar in the air together, hold hands and look at the world below?
  • You dive some distance into the water and sit on a two-person platform at the back of a boat. This platform lifts slowly and in no time you can paraglide over Caribbean waters.
  • The view from the top is breathtaking: you can see all of the Caribbean, the Nichupte Lagoon and the Cancun Hotel Zone.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, you can ask to be drenched on the way down.

Take a trip to Sian Kaan

  • If you love nature, you and your partner should plan a trip to the pristine Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve.
  • Tours take you through coastal wetlands and sparkling lagoons and provide rare access to the region’s amazing wildlife and marvelous Mayan ruins. During the tour, you can enjoy to bird watching, snorkeling, sport fishing, kayaking, hiking, etc. Don’t miss the boat ride on the rivers enclose by mangroves.
  • Sian Kaan is located 193 KM (120 miles) from Cancun. We recommend it for couples despite the distance as it can be a good break from Cancun’s maddening crowd.
10 romantic things to do in cancun

Discover the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest coral reef

  • Everyone knows that the bigger coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef, is located in Australia.Did you know that you can witness the second largest coral reef in the world during your Cancun vacation?
  • The Mesoamerican Reef, also known as the Great Mayan Reef, runs alongside to the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Along the way, it runs closer to the coast at Puerto Morelos, which is approximately 40 KM (25 miles) from Cancun.
  • Once you reach Puerto Morelos, you can book snorkeling and scuba diving tours from the many dive shops in the beach resort.
  • Watching amazing corals even while holding your hands underwater can be a truly memorable experience.

Experience the adventure at Xel-Ha Park

  • Xel-Ha is an Eco- Adventure Park and boasts the “biggest and most beautiful natural aquarium in the world”.
  • There are more than 50 activities and events that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can try out.
  • Xel-Ha Park can easily consume 10 hours of your day.
  • You can enjoy a delicious free buffet with the purchase of your ticket.
  • Xel-Ha Park is located 97 km (60 miles) from the Cancun Hotel Zone and travel time is two hours.
  • Even if there is a bit to travel, we suggest you don’t miss out on this tropical paradise island.
  • Most tour packages also include transportation from your hotel to the attraction and back.
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Let yourself be dazzled together by Río Secreto

  • Río Secreto is also known as the “Crystal Museum” because this underground river is adorned with stalactites and sparkling minerals. If you are an adventure-loving couple, you cannot afford to miss Rio Secreto.
  • You need to put on your wetsuit, put on your helmet, fasten your life jacket and then spend a good portion of the day walking and swimming a mile of this natural phenomenon.
  • Rio Secreto is a cenote but it is different from the others. If you’ve already visited a Cenote, don’t rule out this suggestion.
  • Rio Secreto is the newest cenote in the Riviera Maya discovered in 2004 and is very popular with visitors to Cancun.
  • Río Secreto is located 85 km (53 miles) from Cancun and the journey takes one hour and 15 minutes.

Take a dip in a Cenote

  • In the Mayan language, “Cenotes” means “secret well”. A cenote is a natural sinkhole created when the ground subsides, bringing water over it.
  • The region around the Yucatan Peninsula is the only region in the world where it is possible to experience this wonderful underground river. This exclusivity is the reason why you must visit at least one Cenote during your couple’s vacation in Cancun.
  • You can swim, snorkel or scuba dive in the Cenotes and see stalagmite and stalactite formations.
  • Usually, cenotes have locker rentals, toilets, and jumping platforms, which add experience.
Most Romantic Things to Do in Cancun

Bob Adventure - Go underwater holding hands

  • Bob Adventure is one of the best things to do in Cancun for couples who don’t mind a little adrenaline.
  • BOB stands for Breathing Observation Bubble. Some also call it the personal submarine.
  • You and your partner can book this half-hour diving experience on your own and observe the marine life in Cancun’s Chitales Reef site.

Visit Isla Contoy, an unpopulated island

  • Isla Contoy is an unpopulated island and a nature reserve. It’s a small island – only 3.17 square kilometers (1.22 square miles) and you can get around it in one day.
  • The island is located approximately 40 km (25 miles) from Cancun.
  • The experts who accompany you on your visit are real biologists who live on the island to study the flora and fauna.
  • Once the tour is over, you can enjoy a beachside snorkeling and barbecue session of freshly caught fish.
  • Only 200 tourists can enter this private island every day. We recommend that you plan your trip to Isla Contoy and book in advance.
Most Romantic Things to Do in Cancun

Explore the Nichupté lagoon in a jungle speedboat

  • Nichupté Lagoon is 7,000 acres of lagoons in the heart of Cancun, Mexico.
  • If you love observing greenery and wildlife, this is a perfect getaway for you and your couple.
  • This lagoon is home to a wide range of exotic fauna such as crocodiles, white turtles, iguanas, birds and more. The lagoon becomes your kingdom as you cruise through crystal clear water, past vibrant wildlife and greenery.
  • The best way to experience this lagoon is to rent a jungle speedboat for two for two hours and 15 minutes.

Romance on the Lobster Dinner Cruise

  • if you want to make your partner fall in love , this 2.5-hour lobster dinner cruise is your best option in Cancun.
  • The gastronomy, the moonlit sky, the music of the saxophone and the magnificent Spanish galleon on which you will sail make this evening incredibly romantic.
  • You have two options: go for the sundown tour, which starts at 5:30 pm, and the moonlight tour, which starts at 8:30 pm. The cruise departs from the Cancun Marina pier.
  • The Spanish Galleon’s kitchen also serves steak and vegetarian options. As for the wine, it is from the house.
10 actividades obligatorias que debes hacer en Cancun

Cancun's nightlife at Coco Bongo

  • If you love parties, visiting Coco Bongo is one of the best things to do in Cancun as a couple.
  • Coco Bongo is not your usual nightclub and is the highlight of Cancun nightlife.
  • Prepare for world-class Las Vegas-style live performances and spectacular aerial stunts. Each of these performances lasts 10 to 15 minutes.
  • When you can no longer stand still, take your partner’s hand and step onto the dance floor.
  • Admission is chargeable and includes unlimited local drinks from 10:30 pm to 3:30 am. What more could a couple want from Cancun?
  • Another option to get to know the nightlife of Cancun is the nightclub tours, which will show you the best places in Cancun.

Relax at Isla Mujeres

  • Isla Mujeres can be an action-packed day trip from Cancun for couples who want to have fun.
  • It is located only 13 km (8.1 miles) from Cancun, the only way to reach it is by a short 20-minute ferry ride.
  • If you want to relax on Isla Mujeres, go to Playa Norte beach and relax all day.

If you wish to engage in couple activities together, we suggest the following:

  • Rent a golf cart and visit all the island.
  • Engage in adventurous activities such as kayaking, ziplining, swimming, etc.
  • Swim with dolphins at Dolphins Discovery.
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Discover the ruins of Chichen Itza

  • Chichen Itza is the site of an ancient city that flourished from AD 600 onwards. to 1200.
  • The Temple of Kukulcan is the central attraction of Chichen Itza.
  • If you are visiting Cancun, this must be on your itinerary. It is the most visited tourist destination in Mexico.
  • No wonder it was recently selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Chichen Itza is 200 km from Cancun and takes about two hours to get around.

Act like a local couple

The best time on vacation is when you forget you are on vacation.

  • Start the day with breakfast at Café Nader, one of Cancun’s premier cafes. We suggest you try the common Mexican breakfast, which usually consists of eggs, meat, beans and tortillas.
  • If you prefer to start the day with a simple cup of coffee, try Tradiciones Art Cafe.
  • For lunch or dinner, try Los Aguachiles, a seafood restaurant, or Julia Mia, a Mexican gourmet restaurant. The latter is a bit sophisticated.
  • if you prefer to have fun in the Plaza de Toros, the bullfighting arena, or the Estadio Beto Avila, the football stadium. You can find something every day.
  • At nightfall, do not go to Coco Bongo like any tourist. Cancun residents prefer to visit Plaza Infinity. It’s in the middle of Cancun and full of bars and live music, open until 4am.
Best things to do in Cancun for couples

Book your trip

Are you ready to book your trip?  .Here are the websites you can use to book your trip, get inspired with the best things to do in your destinations and travel smarter.

  • Kiwi.com– A great website to book your flights. It has good airfares but you need to search regulaly as the prices are constantly changing
  • Booking.com – The best website to book your accommodation, you can book and cancel free up until a certain point, especially when your plans are forever changing. It’s easy to use and has one of the widest selections. 
  • Airbnb – You can get some really nice places to stay here. If you don’t have an account and you click on this link then you will get $36 off your first booking.
  • Hotel.com – Huge choice of hotels with  free cancellation up until a certain point. It’s easy to use and has one of the widest selections. 
  • Agoda – Agoda is very good if you are searching hotels, resorts, houses. They always have attractive promotions.  
  • Get your Guide – It is a platform where you will find tours and excurtions in Cozumel and every part of the world.
  • Xcaret Group – Xcaret Group is the most famous theme park in the Riviera Maya. If you visit Cancun, check their prices here to get good discounts.
  • Viator – If you need to find inspiration about things to do in Cozumel, check on Viator to see the tours they offer for diving and other activities
  • Rental Cars – Looking to rent a. car while you are away? I always book through Rental Cars as they do a search of all of the big sites and find the best deals. 
  • Yacht Rental – If you are thinking of spending time in a paradise beach destination with friends or family, this is a good option to enjoy the beach life.
  • Sailing Trip – For cruising holidays, book a sailing trip, they have many trip destinations, lehghts and standing.
  • Dive the World – If you are a diver, book a diving trip with them. They have dive packages everywhere in the world with very attractive prices.


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