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Edzna Ruins (Campeche): Complete guide 2023

Edzna Ruins

Edzna ruins is a Mayan archaeological site, located in the state of Campeche in Mexico, which is 1 hour from the city of the city of Campeche.

Founded in the year 600 BC and occupied until the fifteenth century; Edzná was, in its heyday, an important regional capital, having up to 25,000 inhabitants. The site established an important relationship with the great cities of Calakmul and Piedras Negras (or Yo’ki’b in Mayan) in Guatemala. But little by little, over the centuries, the city lost its political and economic power until it was completely abandoned around the year 1450.

Edzna Ruins is a site out of the beaten tracks and will enchant you. This is our guide to Edzná, where you will discover why it is a must-see in Campeche.

Edzna Ruins

Mayan Ruins Mexico

Although the Edzna archaeological site is not as large as Calakmul or Chichen Itza, it has a unique charm for several reasons.

To begin with, the main pyramid has 4 vaulted floors, an architectural style very rare among the Mayans, who used to build stepped pyramids. Furthermore, Edzná has a certain wild beauty, as not all the structures are perfectly clean, which has led to the natural invasion of plants between the stones.

What to see in Edzna?

Edzna ruins is a little known place, where you will hardly find any tourist.
This is considered to be one of the most interesting Mayan cities due to its technological advancement since its inhabitants developed a complex hydraulic system of pipes that are used to irrigate the land throughout the year, as transport routes and, in some cases, as a means of defense.

In its time, Edzná housed several religious, administrative and residential buildings distributed over an area of about 25 km², with a mixture of Puuc, Petén and Chenes styles.

Currently, only a small part is accessible to the public. These are the main buildings of Edzná ruins:

  • The Big House: the Nohochná It is a large platform that is easy to recognize since it separates us from the Great Acropolis when we arrive at the place. They think that it had an administrative function, or that perhaps it was used as a grandstand for the events that were held in the main square.
  • Great Acropolis: Donkey main complex of Edzná. It consists of a central square surrounded by several buildings. The most important is the Edificio de Cinco Pisos, a 5-story pyramid, 4 of which contain vaulted rooms, which is unusual for a Mayan site. It is no longer possible to climb the building, but you can get a view from the top of adjacent buildings, such as the House of the Moon or the Northwest Temple.
Gran Acrópolis Edzná
A part of the Great Acropolis of Edzná
  • The Small Acropolis: it is next to the Great Acropolis, it has 4 buildings that contain some elements that are the oldest traces of Edzná.
  • The stelae: there are a total of 32 stelae that represent the rulers who accede to the throne, or the famous ball game, the conquest of a region, a political alliance, etc. 435, 11 between 633 and 830, and the rest between the 9th and 10th centuries).
  • Temple of the Masks: It is easy to discover because it is protected under a roof. There you can see the magnificent stucco masks on both sides of the stairs.
  • The knife platform
  • The ball court

Edzna maps

Here you can see a map of Edzna ruins, made by INAH, the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico to locate the main buildings.



Edzná Maps

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Edzná entrance prices

Here you have all the information you need to visit Edzna Campeche:

  • Entrance ticket: 65 pesos
  • Optional guide 500 pesos per group
  • Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 3pm
  • Light and sound show at 7pm or 8pm, depending on the season of the year

How to get to Edzna ?

The site is only 1 hour away from Campeche. Unless you have a vehicle, the easiest way to get there is to take a tour from Campeche.

In general, a tour costs around 350 pesos in a local agency, but this price only includes transportation (no entrance fee, no guide).

If you have a tight budget, you can take one of the buses (vans) that leave near the Puerta de Tierra in the direction of Bonfil and leaves you 300 meters from the entrance (5 minutes walking).

Arrange with the driver for the return trip, otherwise it can be difficult to return because there is nothing nearby. The round trip costs 80 pesos.

Hotel near Edzna

The closest city is Campeche, making it the ideal place to spend the night before visiting Edzna. Here I share my three hotel suggestions for all budgets:

  • Hotel Rath: it is in front of a park, near La Pigua Restaurant and the botanical garden. The hotel is simple, but the room is nice, with TV and Air Conditioning (a luxury!), And the staff is very friendly. From only 25 euros per night
  • Casa Colonial Casacadencia: it is a spacious apartment in the center of Campeche that offers excellent value for money. With air conditioning, living room, kitchen, terrace, good wifi and breakfast included. Capacity for 2 to 4 people, from 85 euros per night
  • Casa Don Gustavo Boutique Hotel: An elegant, fully restored 18th-century manor house on a pedestrian street in downtown Campeche. A clever mix of modernity and period decoration, comfortable rooms with air conditioning. Wifi, outdoor pool, jacuzzi and a very tasty a la carte breakfast await guests. From 139 euros!

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