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This small mexican seaside town of Sisal Yucatan is the perfect place for those who like the contact with nature, tranquility and want to experience Mexico in an authentic way.

Where is Sisal ?

Sisal is a charming Mexican fishing village on the northwest coast of the Yucatan Pensinsula, around 47 km from Merida, featuring a relaxed atmosphere, stunning natural environment, and exotic scenery. Once the major port for the exportation of henequen products (known as ‘Sisal’) it is filled with history and a colorful colonial center.

Protected flamingo sanctuaries, a huge variety of species of flora and fauna, biodiversity, friendly locals, delicious mexican seafood restaurants and more are waiting for you.

Merida, the capital of the Yucatan state and many other tourist attractions like mayan ruins, colonial towns, haciendas and Cenotes (Limestone sinkholes) are close and perfect to visit in a day trip.

How to get to Sisal?

By Bus

The quickest way to get from Mérida to Sisal is to taxi which costs $440 – $550 and takes 54 min. There is a direct bus ADO departing from Mérida Noreste and arriving at Sisal. Services depart once daily and operate every day.

By car

Drive from the city of Merida on the avenue Jacinto Canek towards the Hunucma village and then to Sisal. Approximately 1 hour 40 min journey.

By collectivo

Another option is to take the van that goes to Hunucmá and leaves between Calle 65 and 64 in the center of Mérida, when you get to Hunucmá just take another van that goes to Sisal.

Where to stay in Sasal Yucatan?

Plenty of accommodation options are available in Sisal. As the town is small, everything is at a walkable distance. Here a list of the best places to stay in Sisal:

Camping in Sisal Yucatan

Also, for the most adventurous, it is allowed to camp on Sisal beach. So take your tent with you and vamonos!!!

Camping in Sisal
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Best places to eat in Sisal Yucatan

On the beaches, the center, and its surroundings there are many restaurants that offer the catch of the day and seafood Mexican dishes. All with good flavours and excellent prices. Among the most popular are

  • La palapa de Soco
  • La palapa de Zurdo
  • Restaurante El Faro
  • La juanita
  • Las Puertas de Sisal.

What to do in Sisal Yucatan?

Sisal is a small beach town with just over 1600 inhabitants with many natural attractions to visit, admire, and protect. Amougs the best things to do in sisal Yucatan are:

1. Sisal beach and pier

On the main beach of Sisal is the pier that in its good times was the main seaport in all of Yucatan and in very remote times it was an area inhabited by the Mayan civilization. Its calm and crystalline waters are to be enjoyed for hours. The beach is wide and it is always pleasant to sunbath and spend a lazy day on the beach.

Sisal Beach Yucatan

2. The Lighthouse and Fort of Sisal

The lighthouse was built in 1850 in addition to the Fort of San Antonio, also known as El Castillo or the House of Empress Carlota Amalia. It is located just a few meters from Sisal Beach. It is possible to visit the site to learn about its history and climb to the top of the lighthouse to have an incredible view of the place, do not forget the camera.

3. Main avenue of Sisal

Sisal is very small and to get around there is nothing better than using a bike (which they rent right there) or requesting the services of a motorcycle taxi. On the main avenue, there are some shops and small restaurants with excellent prices so that you can sit down to eat with chela in hand.

4. Coral reefs, mangroves, springs and fishing

Since everything is very local, the boatmen of the place offer tours on the reefs included snorkeling or diving, depending on your mood. On days with good weather, it is possible to see from the boat a shipwreck that has been sunk for many years and that is now part of the ecosystem. Later, on the same route, they take you to observe the flamingos and iguanas in a kayak to the water hole where fresh and saltwater meet and to the mangrove where it is possible to swim. On the way back, you will go to a small island to finish the tour with a fresh ceviche that the locals prepare. This tour lasts from five to six hours.

If you prefer to just fish, it is also a matter of making up with the villagers and making an appointment very early to go out to sea by boat. For this activity you should allow three to four hours.

5. Venture on the off track roads to meet the locals

If you have a car, follow the road heading north and explore the fishermen port side. The ride is beautiful, you can see a ligh house and see the fishermen in their daily activities.

Sisal Yucatan Mexico

6. Kiteboarding

Kilometers of empty white sand beaches, the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and windy coastline make for an idyllic kiteboarding destination. Windy season is from November to August. The best months are from February to July when the thermal winds start to blow. The oceans low depth, the fine white sand and sideshore winds makes it perfect for beginners.

Sisal Yucatan

– Sisal has at least four strategically located viewpoints from which you can see the large number of migratory birds that arrive every year, among which the Canadian duck also stands out.

– Legendary coastal port with white sand beaches and exotic natural settings. Beautiful migratory birds such as the Canadian duck arrive on time each year seeking the shelter of the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

– Recently, the pier was renovated, where visitors can stroll quietly and enjoy the sea breeze. As if the beauty of its beaches and the richness of its waters were not enough.

– Sisal is also the gateway to the Palmar State Reserve, which borders Celestún, famous for the large number of flamingos that also live there.

– In the surroundings of the place you can find a variety of restaurants with typical food or seafood, also stalls where they sell traditional fried fish and other delicacies from the sea.

– If you want to have a travel plan on the beaches of Sisal, you can stay a few days there are accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. The port of Sisal remained as a fishing port which attracts many tourists, in addition to being the ideal destination for visitors who want to enjoy the tranquility of its beaches.

– On weekends it is common to see hundreds of people who arrive at this port to enjoy the great family atmosphere. In addition, being a relatively close port to Mérida, many families come just to enjoy a delicious meal in one of its restaurants.

 – If you go early with your family you can occupy one of the palapas that are on the shore of the beach and take advantage of it to protect yourself from the sun

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