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Best pyramids in Mexico

Pyramids Mexico

Mexican pyramids

Mexico is famous for its maya ruins heritage. Without knowing it, you might be staying within visiting distance of your vacation destination.

Apart from its beautiful beaches and tropical atmosphere, we find in Mexico a mix between rich history and modern culture. Mexico is filled with amazing food, cool drinks, Maya influences and friendly locals.  Pyramids and the ruins that come with them usually coincide with Egypt, but there are just as impressive structures to see in Mexico.

Aztec pyramids in Mexico

Pyramid Of The Moon

If You're Staying In Mexico City, Visit Pyramid Of The Moon, The Second Largest Pyramid In Mexico

The Pyramid of the Moon is the second largest in Mexico and was founded by the Aztecs after Teotihuacan was abandoned. Teotihuacan is considered “The City of God” as it was active during the era of Christ. The actual pyramids weren’t constructed until 200 to 450 A.D. and the way they were built was unique at the time. They were layered upon one another and were originally designed for the Great Goddesses. This is one Aztec discovery we’re glad didn’t stay buried.

Pyramid of the moon - Mexico

The Kingdom Of The Snakes

If You're Staying In Campeche, The Kingdom Of The Snakes Is One Of The Most Beautiful Ruins In Mexico

This is considered one of the most beautiful pyramids in the entire country of Mexico. Calakmul, the city where it resides in, is counted as one of the reigning cities that faced constant war. These ruins are also known as the “Kingdom of Snakes”. The beauty of the ruins, the lush forest around it gives it that much more appeal. These ruins are a quick drive from Campeche, Mexico’s safest state to travel to.

Calakmul Pyramid - Mexico

The Pyramid Of The Magician

If You're Staying In Mérida, The Pyramid Of The Magician Offers A Look Into Astronomy Back To The 10th Century

Located in Uxmal, a little over an hour’s drive from Mérida, the capital of Yucatán, lies hidden pyramids. Abandoned during the 10th century due to the Toltecs, the ruins were hidden for years. The unique aspect of this pyramid is that it aligns with Venus and the stairs are aligned with the sun’s rays, which makes it known that this site has a very historical past.

Uxmal Pyramid - Mexico

The Pyramid Of The Sun

If You're Staying In Mexico City, The Pyramid Of The Sun Was Believed To Be Used As Different Rituals For Magic

Located north of Mexico City and a little under a two-hour drive from the city, this particular pyramid is called the “sister pyramid” of the Pyramid of the Moon, as it takes on the same shape and has tombs with different layers. This pyramid is often seen as the most famous site in the Mexican pyramid history. This pyramid is the largest at this site and is believed to have been used to perform rituals related to magic.

Pyramid of the sun - Mexico

Chichen Itza

If You're Staying In Cancún, The Temple Of Kukulkan (Chichen Itza) Is one of The Seven New Wonders Of The World

If travellers want to spend a day away from the white sandy beaches of Cancún, The Temple Of Kukulkan, know as Chichen Itza, is definitely a sight to see. Located two-hour drive from Cancun, it is somewhat of a historical moment to enjoy. This pyramid is considered to be one of the seven “new” wonders of the world, as it was built to satisfy the God of Mayan. The construction was well thought out, as it was built in a way that when the sun sets in the spring, the shadows on the stairs look like a serpent.

Chichén Itzá re-opening and updates 2020
Chichén Itzá re-opening and updates 2020

Chichén Itzá

Chichen Itza Chichen Itza Mexico Visit the most famous Mayan Pyramid in Yucatan, Mexico Chichén Itzá Pyramid Chichén Itzá is one of the most visited

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Coba Ruins

If You're Staying In Tulum, La Iglesia And El Castillo Are Two Of The Most Impressive Pyramids

These ruins are located in Coba, an ancient Mayan city, about 45-minutes south of Tulum. These pyramids are some of the most impressive pyramids to have ever been found in the worlg. They give a mysterious vibe which is a highlight for exploration.

Coba Pyramid Mexico
Coba Ruins Mexico

Coba Ruins Mexico

Coba ruins Mexico Best ruins to visit in Tulum Ancient Mayan Ruins Of Coba Because Coba ruins Mexico don’t find just as much tourism since

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The Great Pyramid Of La Venta

If You're Staying In Tobasco, The Great Pyramid Of La Venta Is The Oldest Known Pyramid In Mexico

Located a little over two hours away from Tabasco, the layout of La Venta was constructed entirely out of clay. Using that material, the building is very easily seen from far away. These ruins were one of the earliest known pyramids in Mesoamerica.

La Venta Pyramid - Mexico

The Temple Of The Feathered Serpent

If You're Staying In Mexico City, The Temple Of The Feathered Serpent Includes Three Pyramids, A Palace & Two Ball Courts

Located only an hour and a half north of Mexico City, this temple is one of the largest in the city. The Temple of the Feathered Serpent split between being a religious and a political center. The men were also spiritual guides. The numerous ruins on site tell the stories of various powerful families who have lived there.

Teotihuacan Temple - Mexico

Ek Balam

If You're Staying In Valladolid, Ek' Balam Is A Mayan City That Isn't As Heavily Visited As Others

Ek´Balam is still unknow by the hundred of tourists going to visit Mayan ruins everyday. It gives to the site a pleasant atmosphere. Located around 40 minutes south of Valladolid, this area is an ancient Maya town in the Yucatán Peninsula and when translated, Ek’ Balam means “The Black Jaguar”. Because these sites aren’t entirely excavated, tourism seems to be kept at bay.

Ek-Balam Pyramid - Mexico

The Temple Of The Inscriptions

If You're Staying In Chiapas, The Temple Of The Inscriptions Offers Incredible Ancient Architecture

A longer road trip might need to be planned if travellers are coming from Chiapas to see this ruin site, but it’s well worth the drive. Called the “Temple of Inscriptions,” the elegant architecture is impressive. These pyramids are almost 30 meters height. Throughout the temples, you can find Maya hieroglyphs, hence, earning its name.

Temple of inscription - Mexico

Where are pyramids in Mexico?

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