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Xcaret│Tips for the re-opening after Covid-19

If you are travelling to Cancun, you have probably heard of the Eco-archaeological park of Xcaret. While visiting the Riviera Maya, you definitely have to spend a day in Xcaret. In Xcaret, you will live the best of Mexico in one day as a family, friends or as a couple having a romantic trip in Cancun. Tips for the re-opening after Covid-19

What is Xcaret?

Xcaret is a water, theme, amusement, eco-archaeological with over than 50 attractions, in one place. Due to its privileged location in the Riviera Mayan jungle among underground rivers, cenotes and facing the Caribbean Sea of Mexico, Xcaret has impressive scenarios where you can do different activities and enjoy to the fullest those scenarios. Besides that, Xcaret is a park that celebrates Mexico’s present and rich past, a country known for its traditions, culture and folklore.

The park closed a few months ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From 15th of June 2020, it re-opened its doors to international and national travellers. As the leader in sustainable tourism in Mexico, the company disclosed its robust safety and hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and ensure the well-being of visitors, guests, employees and suppliers. Grupo Xcaret’s protocols, named 360 Xafety and which include 1,300 specific actions, were developed in consultation with national and international organizations.

Featuring over 50 family-friendly natural and cultural attractions Xcaret Park is one of the best attractions in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico, Quintana Roo. Visitors come to Xcaret to snorkel with fish, explore underground rivers and caves, learn about Mayan culture, see wildlife and enjoy its tropical surroundings of Cancun. To make sure people keep enjoying the park after the Covid-19 lockdown, the hygiene and safety protocols are their priority.

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Where is Xcaret?

Xcaret park is situated 60 km south of Cancun International Airport, 6 km from Playa del Carmen and 57 km north of Tulum. It takes about an hour to drive to Xcaret from Cancun. Getting to Xcaret is easy. If you purchase a package, transportation is often included. Or, you can get a private transfer from your hotel or resort (that’s what we did).

The private transfer will pick you up at your hotel and drive you directly to the park entrance. It will also bring you back to your hotel at a time of your choosing.

The best way to get there if you haven´t booked a ticket included transportation is to rent a car.

Xcaret, all you need to know about the re-opening after covid-19 pandemic

Reasons you should visit XCARET

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Water activity

Tips & things to know to have a memorable day in Xcaret

Tip 1 : Plan your day

The first bit of advice is to arrive as soon as the park opens to give yourself a chance to see & do it all. Keep in ming that it will be an incredibly long day, especially if you stay right until the evening Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show (which is definitely worth it & a must see show).

Planning your day will allow to save a lot of money. First thing to mention is that xcaret is NOT all-included so make sure you get the right ticket admission. By booking online,you can save 15% by BOOKING ONLINE. There are different packages that include transportation, all inclusive food and options for additional activities like the Stingray Encounter and Swim with Dolphins. You can also book with VIATOR.

The Xcaret Basic admission is $99.99 USD, while Xcaret Plus is $129.99 USD. Get 10% off by purchasing online 7 to 20 days in advance, and 15% off by purchasing more than 21 days in advance. Prices can change depending of the season.

The admission is free for children under the age of 4. Children ages 5 to 11 get half off the adult ticket price. n ID is required in both cases. When you purchase Xcaret tickets online you will receive a coupon. This means your purchase was completed. This coupon must be printed and presented at the park’s ticket booths, with the signed credit card used for the payment and an official ID. Then, you will receive your access bracelets.

Expect long lines to get your tickets at the Xcaret entrance. Because there are so many vendors, tour operators and hotels selling tickets to guests, it can be a long process.

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Tip 2: What to bring?

Well, it’s a water park so a bathing suit is obvious. But there are a few other items you should have as well.The 3 most important things are:

 First, WATER SHOES!!!!!  Since you can keep the water shoes on with the flippers its just all-around easiest. This is a natural park which means there is some algae in the water and the rocks can be slippery. Having your feet protected is best.

Second, a JOTO waterproof phone case. The great thing about the JOTO waterproof phone case is that you can take pictures with your phone and not worry about losing it. It’s around your neck.

Third, Biodegradable Sunscreen. If you don´t have a natural sunscreen, you can swap your with a sample of eco sunscreen at the main entrance.

Then, think about all the basic things like:

  • Bottled water
  • Snorkel gear
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Stroller (if you have kids)
  • Towel
  • Wrap for over your bathing suit
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Sweater (it gets chilly in the evening)
  • Cash and credit card
  • Bring snacks and water with you. The park does not allow outside food, however, it’s a good idea to bring some bars and snacks.
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Tip 3: Activities


You may be wondering if you need to bring a towel to Xcaret or where to put your stuff while you swim the underground river. No need to worry – the good folks at Xcaret have made it super easy. Here’s how it works:

Getting changed: Standard ticket holders can get changed in the shower room near the main entrance to the park. You’ll need to walk a few minutes to the entrance of the river. If you don’t feel like walking that far carrying your stuff with a bathing suit on, you can upgrade to an Xcaret Plus ticket which allows you to use the Plus Area change room right outside the entrance of the underground river.

Your stuff:  At the entrance to the river, you put all of your personal belongings into a large duffel bag. They zip up and lock your bag and then give you the only key.They transport your bag to the far end of the river where you can pick it up.

Swimming Gear: You pick up your complimentary & mandatory life jackets at the beginning of the river and you drop them off at the end. They have life jackets for every age, including babies.

As for towels, if you bought a basic ticket you will need to bring your own towel or rent one for a small fee. Towels are included in the Xcaret Plus package. Snorkel equipment rentals are $11USD or are free with the Xcaret Plus package.


You may want to save some beach time for Xcaret. It’s beautiful stretch of beach with safe and calm water, which is ideal for young children who cannot swim. The water is warm and crystal clear and the sand is silky smooth. There are plenty of chairs and loungers available.


It will have been a long day and chances are you will have walked a lot. But missing the show? NOT AN OPTION.

The show is divided in 3 parts:

  1. The history of Mexico
  2. The ancient Mayan ball game
  3. The music of Mexico.

All come with impressive costumes, lighting effects, live music and well, for lack of a better way, the “feel” of Mexico.

It is an impressive show by anyone’s standards and well worth staying for.It is included in the price of even in the most basic Xcaret package.


Xcaret, all you need to know about the re-opening after covid-19 pandemic
Xcaret, all you need to know about the re-opening after covid-19 pandemic
Xcaret, all you need to know about the re-opening after covid-19 pandemic
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Safety and higiene protocols XCARET

Some of the measures that Grupo Xcaret will carry out include:

  • During the first phase of reopening, limiting to 50 percent the occupancy of Xcaret Park and Hotel Xcaret Mexico, as well as transportation services to allow space for social distancing.
  • Temperature checks, through touchless digital devices, of every person entering the facilities and transportation units.
  • The use of masks will be strongly suggested to all park visitors and hotel guests.
  • Encouraging credit card and online payments to reduce physical contact with ticket booth staff.
  • Disinfecting high contact surfaces up to every 30 minutes with EPA approved broad spectrum and long-lasting residual effect products.
  • Disinfecting the hotel’s guest rooms twice a day.
  • Disinfecting luggage, handbags, and strollers of hotel and tours guests
  • Limiting capacity of restaurants to allow social distancing.
  • Temporarily converting all self-service food stations to assisted buffet service.
  • Bathroom, showers and dressing rooms cleaning procedures will use hospital-grade approved products.
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Celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos in Xcaret

Day of the Dead is one of the most beautiful and meaningful tradition in Mexico. The origins of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico, date from the time of the indigenous people of Mesoamerica, such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Purépecha, Nahuas and Totonacas. Nowadays, this popular ceremony that invokes the spirits of the ancestors to invite them to coexist in the world is still preserved; so it we seek to entertain them in the most attentive way so that the souls of the deceased visit their relatives. The celebration takes place during two days: November 1st is dedicated to the soul of the children and November 2nd to the adults.

Each year during this season, the Festival of Life and Death turns Xcaret Park into a celebration full of color and life. Xcaret Park honors the traditional Day of the Dead which was declared a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage Humanity by the UNESCO in 2003. Gastronomy, art and tradition blend in a nostalgic atmosphere that reminds those who are gone. Each year, on the 30th and 31st of October, 1st and 2nd of November, you can be part of this great Festival where you can enjoy the traditional dishes of the region, typical sweets, rituals alluding to Hanal Pixán (food of souls), workshops, crafts, offerings and altars, visual arts exhibitions, theatre, dance and concerts.

The Festival of Life and Death Traditions brings a mosaic of color, music and tradition, with an extraordinary and varied program of activities for children and young adults around the celebration of Day of the Dead or Hanal Pixán in the mayan world. Visit Xcaret Park and enjoy this celebration of the ancient Maya dedicated to the memory of our dead.

No matter where are you from, this is a tradition you must witness at Xcaret!

✨✨✨Update 2020

Xcaret suspends Festival of Life and Death Traditions 2020

Grupo Xcaret announced that the Festival of Life and Death Traditions will suspend its 2020 edition as a security measure for visitors and collaborators, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was announced through the official website of the event and on social networks.

Other annual celebrations of the company, Xplor Bravest Race and the Xel-Há Triathlon, will also suspend their editions. All three events were scheduled to take place between September and November 2020.

“Safety is and will continue to be a priority for Grupo Xcaret. We are working on the reprogramming of our events that every year receive thousands of participants and visitors, with the clear objective that their well-being is the most important thing at this time, ”said Elizabeth Lugo, Executive Director of Parks and Tours Operations.

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