Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

Best snorkeling in the Riviera Maya Mexico

Snorkeling Puerto Morelos

Best thing to do in Puerto Morelos

The second largest reef in the world (the Mesoamerican Reef), runs parallel with the Mayan Riviera coastline; spanning all the way to Honduras. Without doubt, some of the best reef snorkeling and diving around can be found off Puerto’s shores. Since the reef is protected as a national reserve, it’s a lot healthier than sections of reef elsewhere when you go snorkeling in Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling

Warm and inviting, the water is crystal-clear and the currents are typically gentle enough for any average swimmer to enjoy snorkeling in Puerto Morelos. You’ll also like the fact that this is generally not a crowded destination like Playa del Carmen, Akumal or Tulum. A perfect place for Puerto Morelos reef snorkeling.

Puerto Morelos Reef Snorkeling

Ojo de agua snorkeling Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Reef

Listed as a Marine Park, the reef is probably the most beautiful and best preserved in the Riviera Maya for snorkeling in Puerto Morelos.

Mexico Town Puerto Morelos

Snorkeling Puerto Morelos Reef National Park

Whether you are a snorkeler or a diver, you can easily take a day trip to snorkel without thinking so much about logistics.

Beach in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Mexico Snorkeling

Puerto Morelos is home to stunning large beaches where you will get the opportunity to relax and escape the buzz of cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling

The Puerto Morelos reef can be divided into two areas. The barrier reef, about 400 meters from the shore, which you can identify from the beach because of the waves breaking there (a white line), and the area between the beach and the reef, where, venturing snorkeling in Puerto Morelos, you will find corals and colorful fish at the spot calle “Ojo de Agua”.

Snorkel puerto morelos

Puerto Morelos Mexico snorkeling

Can you snorkel off the beach in Puerto Morelos?

It is not allowed to go snorkeling in Puerto Morelos main reef freely from the shore anymore. Instead, if you want to snorkel from the shore, head to the main beach at the spot called “Ojo de Agua” (ask anyone on the beach they will point it to you). Get your mask and fines, and swim about 100 meters out to get to the spot where you will find corals and colorful fish. You will also find there a mini cenote where fresh water meets salt water. It is a bit hard to find, so you can either ask someone to give tips to find it or go with a local guide that you will pay a few pesos to take you there. This options is worthy as the guide will also show you where to find lobsters and bigger hidden fish.

To find out where to go snorkeling in Puerto Morelos from shore, look for the buoy line in the water while standing on the beach that suggests the safe swimming zone. Technically the best place to snorkel is the area between Ojo de Agua Hotel and Unico Beach Club. 

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling Tour

If you decide to go snorkeling in Puerto Morelos to explore the reef from closer, you should take snorkeling tours in Puerto Morelos. It won’t be too difficult to find one since there are countless tour operators along the Puerto Morelos Beach offering their services.There are only two options to explore this spot:

  1. By taking a one- or two-hour snorkeling tour with a guide. You can book the tour on the sea front at Puerto Morelos. The price is $30 per person, including equipment and they take you to 2 different spots on the reef. Recommended if you are in a rush, on a budget or with kids.
  2. By taking a full-day tour, including 2 or 3 snorkeling stops on the reef, a lunch break on the beach, with sometimes other activities. Prices start from $80, all inclusive. Recommended if you have more time, with friends and willing to discover Puerto Morelos coast.

Snorkel native park puerto morelos

You will get the best service contacting Puerto Morelos Tours & Services. They are a reliable tour agency with good prices. The team members have been living in Puerto Morelos for years and they know the best spot on the barrier reef, they are very attentive to the customer expectation and they give the best snorkeling in Puerto Morelos.

Free snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

You can also get this option to get around the reef from the shore making Puerto Morelos snorkeling easier! Basically, you will find the corals easily from the shore of Puerto Morelos beach, entering in the water in front of the beach Club “Ojo de Agua” Though, sometimes, the current can be strong and can be difficult to make your way aroung the snorkeling area. With this option, you can a taste of the reef, we recommend having your own snorkel equipment to go snorkeling in Puerto Morelos and other spots in the Riviera maya.

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling Excursion

Snorkeling adventure Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is famous for being protected under the snorkeling Puerto Morelos National Marine Park list. It is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef…the second largest reef in the world. The coral reef has been preserved since 1998. What does that mean? It means that the marine life in this reef has been protected to grow and thrive. You are likely to see angelfish, butterfly fish, lobsters, barracudas, and many more swim through the colourful coral on the ocean floor.

Snorkel Native Park Puerto Morelos

The tour encompasses a 2-hour boat tour complete with 2 snorkeling stops. Includes cool drinks on the boat. The boat has a small roof that provides a little bit of shade, avoiding too much exposure to the sun. Additionally, they provide life-jackets as required by law. 


2 hours


Up to 6 pax


Mask, snorkel, fins

How far is Puerto Morelos from Cancun?

Puerto Morelos can be located just 36 km south of Cancun, 25 km or 25 minutes South from Cancun Airport and 30 km north of Playa del Carmen. Also called Cancun’s Little-Known Neighbour, Puerto Morelos is a gem every traveler wants to know more about.

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How to get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun?

  • By Bus ADO, Tickets cost $550 pesos 
  • By Collectivo, Tickets cost $40 pesos
  • By taxi, trip costs $500 pesos
  • From the airport, Tickets cost $800 – $1200 and a private driver costs $700 pesos.
Snorkel Puerto Morelos

Snorkeling Riviera Maya

Puerto Morelos has one of the best Snorkeling tours in the area since wit has a privileged location with the second largest reef in the world making some outstanding coral formations to be visited. In a Snorkeling tour in Puerto Morelos through the Reef you’ll be able to see a lot of marine life from parrot fishes to turtles and if you get lucky you’ll see some big stingrays.

So, if you are wondering where to get a snorkel trip in Puerto Morelos, contact us.

Best time to snorkel in Puerto Morelos

Riviera Maya Snorkeling Excursions

True to its historic heritage, Puerto Morelos beach has maintained its unique, laid-back appeal. The soft sound of waves lapping up on the shore naturally provides a relaxing ambiance that gives you days and hours of pleasure and perfect to snorkel.

The weather is nice all year round, a bit fresher from November to February but still warm enough for a deep in the clear waters of the Caribbeans. Those months are also the best time for snorkeling in Puerto Morelos as there is NO sargazo on the beach. From march, those seaweed can invade the beach badly. It doesn´t hurt but the smell is very strong and you have to cross sometimes a few meters of them before getting to the clear water. 

So best time to snorkel in Puerto Morelos is from November to March.

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