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The dive Paradise of Cozumel reopened for tourism on June 8th, after being closed for two months to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and has been certified as a Safe Travels destination by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). Cozumel Diving is back!

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Diving in Cozumel

Why scuba-diving there is so good?

Cozumel is a year-round scuba diving destination on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, known for its easy drift dives with stellar visibility, vibrantly colored sponges, and marine life like turtles, nurse sharks, and rays. It is one of Mexico’s best dive destinations, boasting a great assortment of diving and marine life. Located on a Caribbean island 10 miles (16k) just off the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico, Cozumel sits opposite Playa Del Carmen and about an hour south of Cancun. 

Cozumel diving offers stunning dive sites for all scuba-diving certification levels. You will experience drift dives that´s the envy of the world, night dives you don´t want to miss on a protected reef thriving of marine life. 

Cozumel is suitable for all levels of diver from beginners to Tec divers. In particular, Cozumel is currently ranked as one of the top ten places for advanced diving. This is due to the deep walls and visibility that require extra vigilance. The scuba diving in Cozumel will entertain beginner divers with shallow colorful sites and the more advanced with deeper drift dives along huge walls and swim-throughs. Diving in Cozumel can be completed by speedboat or from shore, depending on your preference. Cozumel mexico scuba diving.

TOP 7 reasons to dive in Cozumel:

1. Drift Diving Made Easy
2. Crystal-Clear Water
3. Spectacularly Lively Reefs
4. Dramatic Wall Dives
5. Huge Coral Heads
6. Abundance Caverns & Tunnels
7. Exotic Tropical Atmosphere

So, YES, you have to go and check it out. Especially after being locked down for so long.

Cozumel Dive sites

Best dive sites in Cozumel

Punta Sur Reef

Reaching to depths of approximately 27 meters, Punta Sur is one of the world’s most beautiful dive sites. The southern section contains a stunning chamber known as the Cathedral, which is bursting with sea life, including spotted eagle rays, barracuda and toadfish. The northern section contains Devil’s Throat, a spectacular cave formation. Due to the depth and strong currents, the dive is recommended for very experienced divers.

Palancar brick scuba-diving in Cozumel 2020

Santa Rosa Wall

This is one of the most well-known sites in Cozumel, for good reason. The wall begins at around 15 meters and extends deeper into the blue Caribbean abyss.It has great drift diving and amazingly colorful marine life. There are lots of swim throughs and caves. I was lucky enough to spot a turtle there and if you get lucky you can often see nurse sharks.This dive site is more for intermediate level divers, as the currents can be strong.

Santa Rosa Wall scuba-diving in Cozumel 2020

Palancar Reef

Palancar Reef is the perfect first dive site for individuals not totally confident in their skill set. It can also be an enjoyable ‘easy’ dive for those experienced divers out there too. This is a series of 3 small reefs running parallel to the shoreline. This is the place to spot the Splendid Toad Fish, which apparently only lives in Cozumel.

cozumel dive shops

Chankanaab Reef

Chankanaab Reef is the perfect spot for novice divers (depth of just 12 metres). The site has a long continuous band of colourful coral reef filled with cracks which attract all sorts of marine life. The reef has two distinct sections which are divided by a sand channel – the south section is slightly shallower and is very popular for night dives as the dark brings out toadfish, spotted moray eels, octopi, and lobsters. The north section hosts marine animals such as, stonefish, and scorpion fish, as well as the occasional seahorse and dive cozumel.

Chancanaab scuba-diving in Cozumel 2020

Colombia Wall

Colombia wall is over 30 meters high and is home to a stunning cave, tunnel and cavern systems. Large barracuda are often seen here within the surrounding Caribbean waters, as well as large sea turtles, eagle rays, and beautiful reef fish.This site is definitely not to be missed if you’re planning a trip to Cozumel diving.

Colombia scuba-diving in Cozumel 2020

Barracuda Reef

This dive for advanced divers only. Experience a magnificent marine life and is the dive of a lifetime. You’ll also need drift diving experience to witness the vast array of fauna and flora. There’s soft and hard coral, tube and vase sponges, red and yellow gorgonian fans, and anemones. You’ll be joined on your dive with moray eels, stingrays, marlins, tuna, and of course the barracudas. The dive has a maximum depth of 35 metres. scuba diving cozumel

Baraccuda Reef - Best diving in Cozumel 2020

Plan your diving trip to Cozumel

How to get to Cozumel?

Scuba club Cozumel

Arriving to Cancun, go to Playa del Carmen by bus or private taxi (here the contact of a reliable driver with fare price) and then take a ferry down to Cozumel. Check the departure times to make sure to arrive on time. This also presents the opportunity to visit Playa Del Carmen – a great option for those who would like to cover a bit more ground or dive the Cenotes.  with scuba club cozumel.

Cozumel dive vacations

Accommodation in Cozumel

Dive house Cozumel

Most of the hotels in Cozumel are already open, along with restaurants, shops and activities such as fishing trips, beach clubs, boat charters, sightseeing and snorkeling tours, all fully certified in the new health protocols to ensure you have a safe and fun visit. Some will wait to reopen sometime after the first cruise ships are expected to arrive in September. Resorts on Cozumel Mexico can be pricey so our recommendation would be to book one of dive packages in a resort but a good option for a Cozumel diving trip. cozumel scuba diving and with dressel divers

Best dive resort Cozumel

Cozumel Dive Resorts

Best diving in Cozumel

Book your trip

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