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At the southern tip of Baja California Sur where the Pacific meets the Sea of CortezLos Cabos is a thriving tourist region that has only just come to the world’s attention. The Los Cabos Corridor between the main towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo is a succession of enticing coves with gentle waters for snorkelling or bathing. Los Cabos is warm year-round, so it’s also a popular winter destination.

The pristine blue waters of the Sea of Cortez creates the perfect backdrop for any kind of getaway. If you’re planning your next travel adventure, ready for some fun with friends, family, the love of your life or fortunate enough to conduct business on the beach, Los Cabos holds the key to every door in your imagination. Los Cabos delivers the quintessential Mexican beach vacation. It’s a combination of luxury hotels, trailblazing restaurants, world-class golf courses, and outstanding fishing, all with views that will make you want to send a postcard home. Beach resortslocal culturesurfnightlifegolf, and breathtaking whale and dolphin encounters make this part of Mexico an irresistible destination, the Cancun of the Mexican pacific coast.

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Baja California & Cabo san Lucas Mexico

Where is Los Cabos - Baja California?

So maybe you’ve heard about Los Cabos, Cabo or Cabo San Lucas many times, but don’t know where it is located? It’s in Mexico somewhere, but where exactly? Los Cabos is an area that includes the cities of Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo and the area that connects them that’s called The Corridor. They are located on the tip of the nearly 800-mile long Baja California Peninsula, within easy reach from USA and Canada.

Where is Los cabos?

Getting to Los Cabos and around

How to get to Los Cabos?

By Air, by Sea or by Land

Whether you choose to come by land, sea or air, getting to Cabo is a breeze. You can reach Los Cabos by air from most major cities in the United States and Mexico. Flights to Los Cabos International Airport are available through Aeromexico, Aero California, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Continental, Delta, United Airlines, WestJet and various charter flight companies. Cabo San Lucas is also accessible by sea though major cruise lines from Los Angeles. By land, you can get to Cabo by Highway 1, which runs the entire length of Baja California from the U.S. border. You can also fly to La Paz and reach down slowly on a bus to Cabo San Lucas enjoying the beautiful coast scenary.

How to travel to and from the airport?

os Cabos and La Paz airports offer inexpensive shuttle services; buy your tickets from booths inside the terminal as you exit. Otherwise, taxis at all airports meet arriving flights; most drivers speak English. In Los Cabos, watch out for sneaky timeshare sales reps who may pretend to be taxi drivers! Taxis ($ 85), the airport shuttle bus ($4 to $16) and semi-private ($24) or private ($126) Los Cabos airport shuttles are your main Cabo airport transfer options as well as renting a car.

Safety in Los Cabos Mexico

Is it safe to travel to Los Cabos?

Despite the negative media coverage, Los Cabos [including Cabo San Lucas] is safe. In fact, it was proudly declared as the safest city in Mexico. It is considered safe to travel to both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. No matter where travelers go to in Mexico, even if their destination is a place like Cabo with no travel restrictions. However, keep yourself extra safe by following a few simple guidelines such as avoiding dark streets at night alone, keepimg your valuable belongins with you or safe in your hotel room.

Best time to go to Baja California

When is the best time to visit Baja california - Los Cabos?

June, July, and August tie for the hottest months, with an average high of 37°C. January is the coolest month, with an average high of 26°C. The best time to visit Cabo is from May to June, when the wintertime crowds have gone home and the summertime storms have yet to hit. October and November are also nice months for a vacation, but you’ll need to begin your hotel search early if you want to save money as hotel rates begin to climb as the area prepares for its peak season. If you’re into whale watching, plan to visit between mid-December and mid-April. 

Best tours in Los Cabos

Best area to stay in Los cabos

Where to stay? Cabo San Lucas or Jose San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo offer two different experiences depending on your desires. Wherever you decide to stay, Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, or—most likely—somewhere in between, Los Cabos delivers the quintessential Mexican beach vacation. It’s a combination of luxury hotels, trailblazing restaurants, world-class golf courses, and outstanding fishing, all with views that will make you want to send a postcard home.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas boasts many high-design boutique hotels and romantic seaside villas. It has the reputation of being a town with much nightlife, high-end bars, and fancy restaurants. Also, fun-loving Cabo San Lucas couldn’t be more different: what was once the harbor of a tuna cannery is now a bustling downtown with a bustling marina and tequila-fueled party bars. As the larger city, Cabo San Lucas offers all that of its sister town and more. With the Cabo San Lucas International Airport located on the north side of the city, the destination in Mexico is easy to access, making it great for shorter trips when you want as much vacation time under the sun as possible.

San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo is less of a party town than Cabo San Lucas.  The ambiance is more laid-back and has that small-town feel. Many artists, foodies, and travelers looking for more culture are usually drawn to San José. The town has been transformed from a sleepy colonial village into a cultural hot spot full of galleries and stylish shops. With quaint cobblestone streets, jacaranda trees, and a church dating back to the 1700s, a walk through this historical town will take you back to old Mexico as you shop through galleries and markets. Along the shore are several large tourist resorts that cater to your needs, but you’ll need to take a cab to town if you like to get away from resort life for a few hours or the day. While there aren’t a slew of Cabo tours or activities in San Jose del Cabo to keep you busy, the ocean views and sandy beaches still draw plenty of tourists each year.


Best things to do in Los Cabos

What to do in Los Cabos?

Whether you’re looking for a party, an adventure, or a relaxing afternoon on the beach, Cabo San Lucas is one of the top Mexico destinations for everything from family vacations to destination weddings, and as you look out over the golden sands and gently rolling waves, it’s clear why travelers around the world love Cabo. Here are the “must do” of Los Cabos

  1. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas – most iconic attraction. marks the spot where the Baja Peninsula ends and the sea begins. 
  2. Humpback Whales watching – season from mid-December to Mid-April
  3. Go Scuba Diving or Snorkelling at Cabo Pulmo
  4. Visit Lover beach
  5. Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board
  6. Go surfing
  7. Soak in Hot Springs – day trip to Santiago (about 30 minutes north of the San Jose del Cabo airport) to hike in the Biosphere Sierra de la Laguna, a desert oasis complete with freshwater pools and small cascades. 
  8. Nightclub
  9. Take an Outback Camel Safari (& Get a Free Tequila Tasting)
  10. Whale watching from december to april

Rent a Car in Cabo San Lucas

While you should always be prepared and take precautions while driving in Mexico, there’s no need to be fearful: driving in Cabo San Lucas and renting a car are safe activities for tourists. It is highly recommended to have more freedom to visit the country and no rely on public transports or taxis. You will find very reliable and economic vehicles to rent in La Paz. 

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