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Open Water (4 dives)

Price in MXN
15% deposit to book
  •  Prices in USD
  • 4 dives
  • Includes: Transportation iyv hotel
  • Water and fruit on boat
  • Complete equipment
  • Snacks (baguets or sandwich)   *Option for vegan/vegetarian)
  • Theoretical classes (E learning), 2 inm in swimming pool
  • 5 hrs
  • Not Included: 100 USD (use of the dock )
  • Minimum age 12 years old
  • No flying for the next 12HS
Pay a 15% deposit per item

Get your Open Water Certification in Cancun!

Cancun, known for its stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters, is not only a dream tourist destination, but also a paradise for scuba diving lovers. If you have always wanted to explore the underwater world and get your Open Water certification, there is no better place than Cancun to start your adventure.

What is Open Water Certification?

Open Water certification is the first level of scuba diving certification, recognized worldwide. With this certification, you will be able to dive to a depth of 18 meters (60 feet) without the need of a professional guide. It is the passport that opens the door to countless diving destinations around the world.



  • Includes: full equipment
  • Price: 460 USD per person
  • Avaliable Days:  Booking only
  • Location : Cerebos, cabezos, arcos
  • Language: spanish, english
  • Start Time:  11:00 AM (BOAT)
  • Duration:  5 hrs aprox 2 days  1:30 hrs of class per day
  • E-learning, on line classes
  • just practice

What does the Open Water Course include?

Dive Theory: You will learn the basics of scuba diving, including equipment handling, dive techniques, and underwater safety. This part of the course can be completed online or in the classroom.

Confined Water Training: You will practice scuba skills in a pool or still water. Here you will learn how to handle your equipment, control your buoyancy and perform essential safety techniques.

Open Water Dives: You’ll make several dives in the ocean, applying the skills you’ve learned in confined water under the supervision of a certified instructor. These dives will prepare you to dive independently.

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