Bull Shark Season


Price in MXN
15% deposit to book
  • 2 dives
  • Prices in USD (per person)
  • bilingual guide
  • Full equipment
  • 4 to 6 hrs (according to experience)
  • Marine park tax
  • Water on board
  • Not Included: Snacks and food
Pay a 15% deposit per item

Discover the Fascinating World of Scuba Diving in Cancun

Dive in Cancun’s Crystal Clear Waters


Cancun is a diving destination that offers unforgettable experiences for beginners and certified divers alike. Here is a detailed guide for you to discover what this paradise has to offer.


Diving for Beginners in Cancun


Cancun is an ideal place for those who want to get started in the world of scuba diving. Here, beginners can learn and enjoy their first diving experience in a safe and controlled environment.

First Open Water Dive: After practice, new divers make their first open water dive under the supervision of certified instructors. Sites such as the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) and the Manchones reefs are perfect for this first experience, with accessible depths and abundant marine life.
Duration: Generally, the diving baptism lasts half a day, which makes it an excellent activity for those who have limited time but wish to experience scuba diving.


  • Includes: equipment
  • Price: $75 USD per person
  • Includes:bilingual guide ship transportation
  • Avaliable Days:  Booking only
  • Location : 4 points Chitales, Santo Remedio, (On ISLA MUJERES): Machones and the museum
  • Bilingual guide
  • Full equipment
  • Start Time: 
  •  beginners :10 am to 4 pm
    : 8 am to 12 pm or 12 pm to 4 pm
  • Duration:  beginners 6 hrs  certificates 4 hrs
Cancun Diving for Certified Divers


For certified divers, Cancun offers a diversity of sites and experiences that guarantee exciting underwater adventures in Scuba Diving

Discovery the Magic of Scuba Diving in Isla Mujeres and Santo Remedio
Dive in Two Unique Underwater Paradises

Why Choose Diving in Isla Mujeres and Santo Remedio?

Diversity and Natural Beauty: Both destinations offer unique and diverse underwater landscapes, from underwater sculptures and caves to pristine reefs.
Unique Experiences: Whether diving among works of art at MUSA or exploring pristine reefs at Santo Remedio, every dive is a new adventure.
Commitment to Conservation: By choosing these destinations, you support conservation and sustainability efforts that protect and preserve marine ecosystems with an awesome Scuba Diving.

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