Bull Shark Season


Price in MXN
15% deposit to book
  • 2 dives (MUSA AND MANCHONES)
  • Prices in USD (per person)
  • bilingual guide
  • Full equipment
  • Water on board
  • Not Included: Snacks and food
Pay a 15% deposit per item

Discover the Fascinating Underwater Museum of Cancun (MUSA)

Immerse yourself in Marine Art and Conservation


The Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA), located in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean, between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, is a unique attraction in the world that combines contemporary art with marine conservation. This underwater museum is not only a visual delight for divers and snorkelers, but also an innovative ecological project that promotes the growth of corals and marine life.


History and Purpose of MUSA


Founded in 2009, MUSA was created with the vision of diverting the attention of tourists away from the natural reefs, which were suffering from overexploitation, to an artificial reef that would provide a safe habitat for marine life. The museum was the brainchild of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, in collaboration with other artists and the Cancun National Marine Park.

To visit MUSA, there are several options available:


  • Price: $70 USD per person
  • Includes:
  • Bilingual guide
  • Full equipment
  • Water on board
  • Avaliable Days:  Booking only
  • Not Included: Snacks and food


Manchones Gallery:

Depth: At 8 meters deep, this gallery is ideal for divers.
Featured Works:
“The Silent Evolution”: This massive installation of more than 400 human figures represents a reflection on the relationship between humans and nature.
“Resistance Collection”: A series of sculptures that mimic everyday objects, transformed into artificial reefs.


The Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun is a marvel that combines human creativity with nature in an effort to conserve and protect marine ecosystems. Whether you are an experienced diver, an enthusiastic snorkeler, or simply a lover of art and nature, a visit to MUSA is an experience not to be missed.

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