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MExplor is the online booking platform in Mexico that lets you find and instantly or manualy book your next adventure and visit in magical locations across the country.
Founded by 2 traveler lovers, with a love of water adventures, nature and local experiences, MExplor brings together the best handpicked experiences for diving, snorkeling, fishing and ecotourism with the most authentic and quality guides – all in one platform. We’re also the adventure-loving, culture-seekers, professional salsa and bachata dancers, yoga practicers, environment oriented and passionated travellers.
From choosing your dream adventure to packing your bag on the day, the MExplor team and it´s collaborators offer on-demand customer support through every step of the journey.
Based in Quintana Roo, MExplor has day trips in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Mahahual, Chetumal, Yucatán, with new destinations to open soon. If you like traveling and getting in contact with local people you are in the right place.

More about us

We statrted as travellers. Going to a country and trying to see as much things as possible. After a few years travelling, leaving for longer periods of time and experiencing the backpacking travel mood,  we became spectators and explorators. Take our time, following the opportunities, comtemplating the world through our own eyes and trully getting to know the people we met.

M for Mariane

Hey! I am Mariane, I come from France and have been travelling the world for the last 9 years, living a life of a wanderer soul looking for a spiritual connection with myself and the world. I arrived in Mexico in 2019 after 2 years travelling through South America and was forced, due the Covid-19, to stay in Mexico. I met Esteban and decided to create this travel blog with him to be able to go back on the roads as soon as possible.

E for Esteban

I am Esteban from Mexico; I have spent many years managing businesses and lately decided to focus on tourism and travel. I have been living in Cancun for 4 years and have travelled to a few countries and a lot in Mexico. When I met Mariane, her adventurous spirit and travel soul inspired me so much, I decided to join her in this blog adventure to be able to discover the world like she did and share it through this blog.

Xplor for Explor

When you start a long term travel without a returning date, your travel pace and interest change. Your take a break, step back to contemplate how the world is living. You start to take more time to immerge yourself in cultures, to have another vision on people way of lifes and habits, to try different type of food and realise the kindness of people. Travelling is an exchange between the traveler and the local. You don´t know them, they don´t know you. And the best way to discover a country is the connection with people. They create memories. This is when to start to travel as an explorer.

Bachata in Mexico by MExplor

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Our mission

Our Mexico Travel Guide Blog features travel tips to help you to discover the real Mexico, discover the best places to visit in Mexico. When we travel and decide to explore a place in Mexico, we like to get close to the locals, talking to the fishmen, cook traditional food this a family, learn how to make tortilla or harvest coffee. Get to know how people live. We want to promote the local tourism businesses, owned by Mexicans who know the place well. We always say “small but powerful”. We will try our best to share our experiences and provide you usefull informations to contact the local businesses and enjoy you time in Mexico and explore the best places to visit in Mexico to meet locals.

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Travel is what makes us happy.  Travel is the thing that makes the two of us feel the most alive. It sets our senses on fire. It is responsible for changing our lives for the better. 

The plan? To have an adventure. 

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Mariane Amadu

Co Founder

My first trip was in 2002, I was 18 and decided to do a year abroad to learn english. I left home for the first time with an organisation specialiszed in exchange student programms to Australia. After this year, I was convinced that traveling was for me. A few years later, I left again to Australia with the Working Holiday Visa with the idea of staying a year away. I never came back and traveled and lived in many countries during now 10 years. 

My travels brought me 2 years in Australia, 4 years in New Zealand, spent 2 years traveling in South America, through Argentina and Chili hichhiking, camped in border crossing offices, hiked in the Patagonian Andes for days, danced salsa in Buenos Aires and Colombia, met the most beautiful people on earth, and so much more adventures that you can see on our Facebook page Le monde des yayas

Before the Covid-19, I decided to stay in Mexico. 

I met Esteban and started to tell him about my travel stories and experiences. After travelling together “my way” through Mexico, he totally adhered to my way of travelling, as explorers and we decided to create the page and platform.

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Esteban Romero

Co Founder

It took me a long time to realise how travelling was important and how a simple trip can be lived in different way. I spend a big part of my life stuck in the everyday life routine our a mexican business owner. I’ve always likes the challenge and started very young to be into the business and sale world. I moved to Cancun to start a new business. I was excited to discover another part of Mexico, the Caribbean coast, living life with a beach vibe pace. I learnt to travel around by myself, go camping on the beach, realising that I was feeling great not having much and enjoying simple things, simple places, simple comfort. I spent more time talking with local fishmen, dancers and farmers. I decided to move to a small village 30 minutes away from Cancun and starting my own tourism marketing business alone. Learning a lot about the Riviera Maya coast, working with tour operators and resort owners, I started to get more and more interest on the local travel industry, local agencies and economy. 

At the same time, as a professionnal salsa dancer, I opened my own Dance academy. My goal was to help people through dancing to get more confident, more socials and teach my passion for dancing.

I met Mariane in a salsa night in Playa del Carmen.  She told me incredible travel stories and I was impressed of her way of travelling. I could not imagine it was possible. She made a spark in my mind and as she was speaking, I was only thinging about going on a trip with her. Things turned out that we were not able to go anywhere but also gave me the opportunity to find out more about travel blogging. I read many articles and got inspired. So, stucked at home, we decided to start this adventure together.

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