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Los mejores cenotes en México

The best cenotes in Mexico

Discover the best cenotes in Mexico. Mexico offers a great variety of cenotes to get to know, practice sports and activities, as well as take a refreshing swim.

For some time, tourism in cenotes in Mexico has become popular. A cenote is a naturally made cavity that has been filled with water. In the time of the Mayans it was of great importance and they considered them as sacred places. Nowadays it is a very attractive place on a tourist level.

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What is a cenote?

Cenote is a term that has its origin in the Mayan word tz’onot and which means well or abyss. A cenote is a reservoir of spring water with a certain depth.

The cenotes arose in caverns after the roof collapses of one or more caves. With the accumulation of groundwater, ponds were formed that can be more or less deep. Cenotes can be underground, semi-open or open, characteristics that are related to the age of the structure (the youngest maintain their dome, while the oldest are already open).

For the Mayans, cenotes were sacred places. There they used to perform sacrifices and rituals that were part of their cosmology. It is not yet known with precision, however, how the ceremonies were developed in the cenotes.

Dos Ojos - Los mejores cenotes de Yucatán & Quintana Roo

Best cenotes in Mexico

In Tulum

▶ In Tulum we will be able to find the Cenote Dos Ojos, a wonder of nature that allows visitors to explore this place. You can practice activities and sports such as diving or snorkelling. Also many visitors prefer to simply take a quiet bath in its cool waters. There is no doubt that we are facing one of the places that you will like to know.

▶ Let’s continue with the Cenote Carwash, also in Tulum. In this case we find an incredible natural space, with birds in the surroundings and crystal clear waters inside. Different fish and turtles also live inside. If you like snorkeling, then it is a suitable place for it to be able to know the seabed.

▶ The beautiful Calavera cenote is another recommendation. It is located very close to the archaeological zone of Tulum. It has crystal clear, cold waters and the name is due to the way it makes when the rays of light pass. Inside we can see the fish while diving, which is one of the alternatives within Mexico.

In Playa del Carmen

▶ In Quintana Roo, you will  have the possibility of knowing the Cenote Jardín del Edén. It has green, crystalline waters and therefore it can become a perfect place for diving and snorkeling, which are always the general recommendations.

▶ We recommand to visit is the Cenote Cristalino in Playa del Carmen. It is one of the cenotes with the greatest presence of visitors and can be reached from the famous Playa del Carmen. As in other cenotes, here we will be able to snorkel and enjoy the best views.

In Merida

▶ The Cenote Kankirixche is a beautiful cenote that is found taking the road from Mérida in the direction of Muna. Entering this beautiful semi-open cavern-shaped cenote is quite an adventure. You have to descend a ladder about 15 meters, on the way you can see the roots of the trees and impressive rock formations until you reach its calm waters with a depth that ranges from 5 to 50 meters.

▶ The Cenote Noh-Mózon, a beautiful open cenote in the town of Pixyah that meets the delights of divers and bathers. Its location a bit remote and the dirt road means that not so many people venture here. The place is amazing.

▶ Located in Cuzamá 50 minutes from Mérida is the Cenote Cheletún, a beautiful cenote, with very easy access, then make the characteristic journey of approximately 4 kilometers on a horse-drawn train. It is located inside a cavern and has several caves, one deeper than another, its waters are calm and do not exceed 26 ° C.
▶ 20 minutes from Mérida, in the town of Chocholá, we find the San Ignacio cenote, it is a cenote with crystalline turquoise water and unlike the previous one, it is located inside a cave. Access is very simple, since it has been enabled with wooden stairs, it is shallow so it is ideal for snorkeling and observing the abundant marine fauna that inhabits the place. In addition, you can find amenities such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, a restaurant and green areas to enjoy a beautiful and fun day.

In Valladolid

▶ The Cenote Lol-Ha is located in Yaxunah, a community in Yucatán, in this place you can find several cenotes and caves, which is even better, because you can take advantage of your visit to know the different cenotes that it has, you will love them . The walls of this cenote are steep and are covered by a cavern, it has a great depth so it is important to use a life jacket, no matter how good you are at swimming, it is for safety.

▶ The Cenote X’Batun is of the open type, it dazzles at first sight because of the clear color of the water and because it is surrounded by great vegetation and although it does not seem very deep, inside it has caves where you can swim or dive. In addition to being able to enjoy the cenote, the place has palapas to rest, a camping area, to make bonfires and trails that you can travel, all of this immersed in nature and its unique beauty.

▶ Ik Kil is a place surrounded by a lot of vegetation, its stone stairs allow you to reach the balconies where you have a better panoramic view before reaching the platform that is the access to its crystal clear waters, normally you can find many people in this cenote It is included in most tours, if you do not like the crowd very much it may not be the best option but you do have to know it because it is beautiful.

Tajmahal - Los mejores cenotes de Yucatán & Quintana Roo

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