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Uxmal Yucatan – Most impressive mayan site 1 hour from Mérida

Uxmal Yucatan

Uxmal Yucatan, the most important Mayan city on the Puuc route and a tourist destination in the state of Yucatan near Merida that you cannot miss.

We will share valuable informations about this famous archaeological site to help you explorem this very attractive place.

Uxmal Merida

Archaeological site of Uxmal

The name of Uxmal, which means “three times built” or “three harvests”, already refers to the complexity of this city located in the hills of Puuc, a set of hills where – breaking the monotony of the Yucatecan plain – they settled several Mayan cities.

Its peak occurred during the late Classic and the terminal, considered the most important city in the Puuc region, covering an area of 12 square kilometers and with a population of close to 20,000 inhabitants.

What is the importance of Uxmal in the state of Yucatán ?

The importance of Uxmal Yucatan also has to do with the enormous amount of work invested in the construction of its buildings. This city joined Kabah for a sacbé of 18 km. long. Seat of the economic and political power of a wide region, from which the Puuc architectural style radiated.

Unlike most other pre-Hispanic cities, the arrangement of the Uxmal structures does not appear to follow a geometric order. Its space is organized in a more subtle way, based on two principles: first, the buildings are oriented in relation to astronomical phenomena, such as the rise and fall of Venus, and second, they are adapted to the topography of the place, made up of a series of hills.

Uxmal Ruins

The experience of visiting Uxmal Yucatan is one of the most enjoyable that can be had in the national southeast. It is a captivating place with a mystical atmosphere that reveals to us the greatness that the Mayan civilization came to have in Pre-Columbian Mexico. For this reason, it is an unmissable tourist option in the Yucatecan territory.

Uxmal Mayan Ruins

How to get to Uxmal Ruins?

You have several options on how to get from Merida to Uxmal Yucatan and back on a one-day trip.


As we could see with our very own eyes, traveling by a rental car is the most popular way how to get around Mexico. It is not expensive, and you will save plenty of time.

You can rent a car only for a couple of days to explore ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula or drive around the whole of Mexico. The road from Merida to Uxmal is well-paved, and you should reach the site within an hour.

There is a parking lot in front of the entrance for Mx 30, or you can try to park your car in front of the Chocolate Museum for free.


If you plan to take the bus, this is also very simple. Head to the TAME bus terminal (not to be confused with the CAME bus terminal right next door).

Once you’re here, you go up to the counter and ask for a ticket to Uxmal. You should get a round trip ticket. They cost roughly 65 pesos each way (about $3.50 USD).

The driver will shout when you are outside of Uxmal Yucatan. You simply get off and stay on that side of the road. Turn into the parking lot and walk to the front desk where you will purchase your tickets.

When you want to go back to Merida, walk back out to that main road and cross the street. The bus will stop outside the entrance to the Chocolate Story Museum. There’s not a literal bus stop, just a tree where people wait for the bus.

The bus leaves Merida in the morning at 9:05, 10:40, and 12:05 and leaves from Uxmal back to Merida at 12:15, 3:15, and 5:15.


The most comfortable way on how to visit Uxmal Mayan Ruins is with a tour. You don’t need to take care of anything but be ready on departure time in your hotel for pick up.

There are many tours available you only need to choose your favorite one or book online via viator.

Uxmal Ruins Entrance fee

Uxmal Yucatan

  • Adults: $461 pesos for foreigners and $210 pesos for Mexican nationals. 
  • Children under 13 years: free.
  • Mexican Nationals free on Sunday (except for Sound and Light show).

Uxmal Ruins Opening Hours

The Uxmal ruins are open daily from 8am to 5pm.

As it is much quieter in the mornings you should be aiming on getting there at 8:00 am SHARP! This will give you enough time to have the ruins for at least 1-2 hours before all the big tour busses arrive.

Uxmal Yucatan

Uxmal Light Show

The Mayan pyramids of Uxmal Yucatan are one of the world’s most fascinating structures. In a land scattered with massive Mayan architecture, Uxmal is a breath of fresh air with half the daily crowds and a vast ancient city that you can explore every inch of. The Uxmal Light Show features an array of colors and sounds highlighting what Uxmal once was to the Mayan culture. The Uxmal Light and Sound Show effortlessly blends modern-day technology with an ancient civilization. Watch as the lights set ablaze the halls and markings of the pyramids. Listen to the chant of Chaac, summoning the rain from the Gods above. The show is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, who made a visit to the show in 1975 and witnessed the chants lead to a torrential downpour. 

Things to do aroung Uxmal

  • Uxmal Yucatan is the heart of the Puuc Region which is now called “Ruta Puuc” where you can also visit the archeological sites of SayilLabnaKabah (see Uxmal map on top). I loved them all and I will talk about them soon in another post.
  • Also, there is a cenote near Uxmal, actually more than one. In the town of Abala’ at a few miles from Uxmal on the way back to Merida, there are a couple of cenotes
  • Right in front of the entrance of Uxmal Yucatan, on the opposite side of the road, you will see a chocolate factory

Other Ruins you can visit

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