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Hey! We are Mariane & Esteban, a dynamic French/Mexcican couple living in the beautiful Caribbean coast of Mexico. We started as travellers, wanderers, discovering with passion all the marvels of this beautiful planet. Now, came the time to share our passion and to devote our time helping you to see the same things we had the opportunity to see and live. Mexico offers a wide diversity of landscape, activity, food and culture. This is why we chose this country and decide to help people exploring this land.

” We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

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Why should you visit Mexico ?

MEXICO is home to pristine beaches, bustling cities, ancient ruins, and colourful colonial towns. From barren deserts, to soaring mountains, to hidden underground sinkholes, there’s much to discover when you travel to Mexico.

Mexico is an incredible country to backpack around, drive through, or just vacation in. There’s a ton of stuff to do here, and the locals are some of the friendliest people on the planet and we wanted to create a Mexico Travel Guide Blog to share our travel experience in the country.

From Mayan ruins and lush jungles to pristine Pacific Coast surf beaches and the seediness of Tijuana — and everything in between! Discover Mexico City’s vibrant energy and artsy, graffiti-filled neighborhoods, learn about the Mayan civilization at Chichen Itza, sunbath on the paradisiac beaches of Cancun, Riviera Maya and gorge yourself on delicious tacos, tostadas or tamales.

Mexico is one of the most affordable international vacations you can take. A number of airlines that fly to Mexico have travel packages that can make the overall trip more affordable for you. They’re especially affordable when not around any major holidays, as there is less of a demand to fly there. We can help you through our Mexico Travel Guide Blog to find the best things to do, the best hotels and how to help with the small tourism businesses.

Cozumel - MExplor - Travel Blog Mexico
Chichen Itza - MExplor - Travel Blog Mexico

” Mexico is always a good idea”

Dos Ojos - Los mejores cenotes de Yucatán & Quintana Roo

Our mission

Our Mexico Travel Guide Blog features travel tips to help you to discover the real Mexico. When we travel and decide to explore a place in Mexico, we like to get close to the locals, talking to the fishmen, cook traditional food this a family, learn how to make tortilla or harvest coffee. Get to know how people live. We want to promote the local tourism businesses, owned by Mexicans who know the place well. We always say “small but powerful”. We will try our best to share our experiences and provide you usefull informations to contact the local businesses and enjoy you time in Mexico.


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Mexico Travel Guide Blog

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